Handcrafted Wreaths

Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Sources

Our trees and wreaths are the freshest Pacific Northwest native species available, grown and farmed on the Olympic Peninsula in Western Washington.

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New owner, Mindy FitzGerald, reflects on tradition and modernity.

“I love the contrast. Alpine Farms delivers wreaths, trees, and ornaments for the moments in our lives that are steeped in the deepest traditions, but we also live in a modern, digital world.” Mindy sits in a comfortable chair near the window. Fire crackling in the background lends to this Pacific Northwest moment, holding back the chill outside.

“I was drawn to this business because we are so easily captured by our technology, in danger of forgetting the importance of family closeness. Environment matters. The look, the feel, the scent of the living trees, handcrafted to shapes that are familiar to generations, helps us remember.”

Outside the window, you can see the sun just beginning to set behind the mountains, the deep green of the forest tinged with a spreading orange glow. “Fortunately, we have an opportunity to tap into aspects of that technology to deliver the nature in what we enjoy here to people who may never see something as simple as an evergreen.”

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