Sustainable Harvest Practices

At Alpine Farms we earn our living just as a farmer would, by harvesting plant material from the land, so sustainable harvesting practices are very important to us. We appreciate and respect the bounty of the earth. The jobs we generate help sustain our economy, and our products enable repeated traditions that build healthy and happy families.

Sustainable Christmas Trees

Wreath Bough Harvest:

  • Boughs are harvested by “tipping”, or pruning mature trees, no trees are cut down in the harvesting process.
  • The pruning process improves overall forest health by encouraging further growth, and increasing airflow and sun light access.
  • Our Noble fir boughs are harvested high in the Cascade Mountains near the foothills of Mount Rainier. We also harvest Noble boughs from overgrown Christmas tree plantations once the snow load prevents mountain access.
  • The other bough materials are harvested throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho in the same sustainable manor.

Christmas Tree Harvest:

  • Christmas Trees are a farmed crop, just like corn or pumpkins, they are planted with the intent of being cut down. The average 7 ½ year cycle builds in some sustainability.
  • New trees are planted each year to replace the inventory that will be harvested.
  • Often, land is utilized that cannot be used for growing other food crops, like under power lines, and the soil is rebuilt at the end of the rotation.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policies are utilized. This environmentally sensitive approach “is used to manage pest damage by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.” For instance, we do not use a pesticide unless the infestation is severe enough to significantly damage the crop. Not only are we trying to keep the beneficial insects, but also not spend unnecessary chemical and application costs
  • Growing trees provide needed carbon exchange, and once cut can be recycled into mulch for landscaping, playgrounds, hiking trails, etc. They can also be used to prevent erosion on shorelines and provide habitat for fish and wildlife.
  • We are a proud member of the Earth911 Treecycle program, which promotes Christmas Tree recycling. To learn more or find a recycler near you visit their site.

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