Christmas in July

Christmas Traditions Interrupted

One year a long time ago, my family was unable to gather together for Christmas. Although the reason no longer comes to mind, the usual Yuletide festivities were greatly missed that year.

I did, however, try to decorate my home in order to keep the Christmas spirit alive for myself. I remember getting the lights out, putting up a tree, and, of course, playing some favorite carols while the sweet aroma of fresh-baked (store-bought) gingerbread cookies filled the house.

In addition, placing a wreath on my front door was the finishing touch—like putting up an outdoor beacon, hailing to all those passersby that the spirit of the season still reigned supreme in this household.

That was the first year that, although family festivities were missed, there was no lack of celebrating in that happily bedecked home. And the beauty of the experience was one that kept on giving.

Because we were unable to meet as a family, someone suggested we meet for Christmas in July instead. And even though I’d heard of such a thing before, I’d always thought it was silly so why bother?

 We met on a weekend in July—with festive mounds of  Christmas gifts, turkey dinner, and an already decorated tree. My family celebrated in the summer sparking a new tradition that still lives on to this day. It was one of the most memorable holiday celebrations I have ever had.


Pandemic Celebrations

The pandemic has made it difficult for many families to gather in person due to risks of getting the Coronavirus: flying almost came to a standstill; borders between countries closed, and those that were open levied strict quarantine guidelines that were almost impossible to follow.

In this case, many families had to resort to other ways of celebrating, not only Christmas traditions, but many other festivities as well such as births, weddings, birthdays, and other important milestones along the way.

Many folks took to the internet to try to reconnect with loved ones. Thank goodness for those online venues that offered ways for family members to at least see one another. My mom and I, for instance, live in different countries so we enjoyed a Christmas dinner together via Skype. She had a glass of her favorite sweet wine and I had mine so we toasted one another and sent cyber hugs and kisses to celebrate the occasion.

The pandemic reminded me of that special Christmas-in-July year and the fact that no matter where our loved ones might live, we are so creative as humans that we can essentially overcome anything.

There’s no reason to miss any celebration anymore these days. In fact, I personally like to celebrate the little things along the way: Tuesdays, for instance. I call it Happy Purple Tuesday and try wearing something of that color to mark the day and little things in life, even if it means having Christmas in July.

Celebrate everything with all the joy and happiness you can muster up. If you’re able to be with friends and family or even if you’re alone with your dog, just enjoy each moment as much as possible!

Written By Hillaire Kendal