Fundraisers FAQ


Who can participate?

Any sort of group wishing to raise funds. We commonly work with church groups, non-profit organizations, school bands, scouting groups, sports teams, 4-H clubs, service organizations, philanthropy groups, relay for life teams, & youth groups just to name a few.

How do I register?

It’s a simple two-step process. First, generate a pricing packet. Click on the link to the pricing info packet for your specific zone. This packet has very detailed instructions, and will explain the cost of our products to your group (which is based on your mailing location).

When you’ve reviewed the pricing packet and are ready to participate, you can register for an account. This will provide you with a login to our site so that you can add fundraisers to your dashboard. You can create as many fundraisers as you want! Once you’ve added a fundraiser to your account, you will need to finish creating your fundraiser by clicking “More Details” and filling out the required information. Once your fundraiser is fully created you will be able to submit your bulk orders, get your unique code for direct ship sales, and see how many direct ship sales your group has made.


How much do the wreaths cost?

Cost is determined by your FedEx mailing zone. We’ll send you detailed cost information when you request pricing.

How much is shipping?

BULK PROGRAM: All shipping costs are included. For the bulk program all wreaths are quoted at a delivered price based on your FedEx shipping zone.

DIRECT SHIP: All shipping costs to contiguous US are included in price.

How much should we charge?

BULK PROGRAM: We provide a recommended retail sales price that is approximately $10 more than your cost. However, you are free to set your own retail sales prices.

DIRECT SHIP: All evergreens and wreaths are a set price, and will generate $5 profit per item for your group.


Which items are part of the fundraiser program?

BULK PROGRAM: View all bulk program products.

DIRECT SHIP: Your buyers shop in our online store and can purchase anything they like with your code.

How long will the wreaths last?

Through the holidays.

We use a high mountain noble fir bough that has great keep-ability in all climates. Evergreen longevity is affected by placement. A wreath kept in cool outdoors, out of direct sunlight will last longer than one kept in a heated indoor environment over a heat register or active fireplace.

Wreaths should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources, and will benefit from a spritzing of water.

How do we care for the wreaths?

All Evergreen products are handmade from naturally occurring plant materials, and variations in appearance are normal.

Needle loss during transit is normal. We suggest you hold the product and tap it against the palm of your hand to allow loose needles to fall.

Fresh Evergreens will benefit from a spritzing of water. If the pine cone accents are too heavily watered they will temporarily close. You can also lay the item in a few inches of water to allow it to “drink” from the back where the stems are.

Evergreen longevity is affected by placement. A wreath kept in cool outdoors, out of direct sunlight will last longer than one kept in a heated indoor environment over a heat register or active fireplace.



What is the minimum order the fundraising bulk order program?

24 items

Do we have to order in full cases?

No, you only order what you have sold. We will custom pack your order based on your sales, you are not required to order any extra product that you did not sell.

What if we don’t meet the order minimum?

We will still fill your order and you will be charged $35 for the sample wreath.

How do I submit my order?

Log In to your account, and click on SUBMIT MY BULK ORDER

What if I submitted my order, but I need to add on to it?

No problem, just give us a call to discuss your needs. We can usually accommodate small order additions up to 3 days in advance of your ship date.



When will our order be shipped?

You will choose a shipping week in your registration process. Shipping days are assigned based on the order in which they are received. If you turn your order in a few days late, it will ship out later in your chosen ship week.

How long does it take to receive my order?

That depends on your FedEX shipping zone, which is your distance from Alpine Farms (our offices are located in Bremerton, Washington). You can find your Zone at the top of your Bulk Pricing Page, page 2, of the Fundraiser Information packet.

The following are approximate transit times from Alpine Farms counting business days from the day we ship:

  • Zone 2 & 3: 2-3 days
  • Zone 4 & 5: 3-4 days
  • Zone 6 : 4-5 days
  • Zone 7 : 5 days
  • Zone 8 : 5-6 days

Can I request an exact day and time to receive my order?

FedEx will not guarantee any delivery dates or times. They are a very reliable carrier and generally deliver on the day they estimate when you track your order.

How do I track my order?

You will be provided tracking information for all cases in your shipment. You can track the packages online at www.fedex.com, or by calling 1-800-GOFEDEX.

FedEx makes every attempt to keep your entire order together during shipping, but occasionally packages may become separated in transit, it is important to verify that ALL packages have been received by referencing the tracking number.

How are the wreaths shipped?

In bales, in large case boxes, nested facing one another so that accent points are protected. Bows are not attached to prevent crushing during shipping.

Are the wreaths individually boxed?

NO, for the bulk program they are shipped in large case boxes, in bales, nested against one another to protect the accent points.

I didn’t receive one of my packages, what now?

Please begin by tracking your package at www.fedex.com, or by calling 1-800-GOFEDEX. A FedEx representative should be able to give you a delivery estimate.

What if there is an order shortage?

It is very important to follow the Receiving Procedures we provide with your bulk order. All shortages must be reported to Alpine Farms within 48 hours to issue a no-cost replacement.

What if a product is damaged?

If a product is damaged in shipment we need your assistance to make the claim with FedEx. Please take a photo of the box and item(s) if possible, and also retain the label and tracking number from the package. Please phone Alpine Farms immediately to discuss what was damaged, and replacement products.


Is there any upfront payment required?

No, there is no cost to sign up to participate.

When is our payment due?

Your 50% deposit on bulk order is due when the order is placed, your final payment is due by December 10th. You may choose to pay in full at the time your bulk order is placed.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express

How do I make a payment?

You may pay online at the time you submit your bulk order, or select the paying by check option and mail the check to us. We do not need to have the check in hand the day you submit your order, but we do require the 50% deposit prior to shipping.

Who should our customers make their checks out to?

All payment should be made directly to your group.

Is there any payment due if we cancel?

Per the terms of the fundraiser, you will be charged $35 for the sample wreath if you cancel your participation. If you did not receive a sample wreath, there is no payment required.

Bulk Ordering Program

How does the bulk program work?

The Bulk program is a pre-sale. You utilize our sales materials to sell the wreaths to your friends, family and customers for a set period of time, then collect all the orders and submit them to us. You only order what you have sold. You are not required to order full cases or pay for any product you have not sold. Learn more »

Which evergreen items are part of the bulk sales program?

View all Fundraising Products

Direct Shipping Program

How does the direct ship program work?

Your group will be assigned a unique code that you can provide to out of town friends and family who want to support your group. They can place their order on the Alpine Farms website, and use this code when they check out to credit your group $5 for each item that is purchased.

What is my group’s code?

Your code will be assigned once you sign up to participate, and you can find it by logging into your account.

How do I know how many sales have been made using our code?

You will be able to track sales credited to your group by logging into your account.

Returning Customers

Why do I need to sign up again if I participated last year?

We need you to re-register your group every year to update any contact info that may have changed, to choose your new bulk and sample ship weeks, and to agree to the terms and conditions of the fundraiser program.

Is the pricing the same as last year?

You should generate the current year’s pricing and information each year to take note of any pricing or program changes that have been made. generate pricing now