Fundraiser Program Details

Fundraiser Information

Two programs to choose from, you may participate in one or both!

Our Bulk Orders program:

Our bulk order program is a pre-sale format. You only order what you have sold. You are not required to order full cases or pay for any product you have not sold.

Your Group is Your Sales Team

Fundraiser Team

We provide a sample wreath, detailed sales materials, ordering sheets, and phone support if you need help. Armed with sales materials, your group members go out into their communities to pre-sell the wreaths at the retail prices you have chosen. All payments are made directly to your group.

Once the sales period is complete, the administrator collects all the orders and submits the master order online by your chosen due date with a 50% deposit.


Order Only What You Sell

Fundraiser group wreath program

Minimum order is 24 items. You do not need to order in full case quantities, you only order what you need to fill your sales.

Two weeks later your order is custom packed and shipped via FedEx in large case boxes to the address you specify.

Group members distribute the products and/or you have a pickup day for customers.


Not sure the bulk order program is right for your fundraiser?

Our Direct ship program:


Direct ship fundraiser wreath storeOur direct ship program is great to allow out of town friends and family to support your cause.

Your group earns money on each wreath sold on our website using your unique group code. All items will ship directly to the customer or gift recipient(s) on the date they select. Making your group’s job easier! 

There are more items available online for direct ship, making it the perfect option for sending gifts and boosting your group’s profits.