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Alpine Wreath Fundraiser is as easy as 1,2,3

1. Request Pricing and Information Packet.

2. Sign up & Start Selling.

3. Place Order & Distribute to Customers.

Fundraiser Information Packet Request

Zip code determines your shipping zone and pricing info packet
Check this if you are going to pick up orders at Alpine Farms in Port Orchard, Washington

About the Alpine Farms Wreath Fundraiser

Sign up & start selling.

Sign Up: Go to the Fundraiser Dashboard CLICK HERE

Start Selling: We now have Three Sales Programs: Bulk Sales, Direct Ship, Corporate Gifting, or all three if you wish.

Bulk Sales Program Summary – Earn $10 per wreath

Fundraiser Team

  • Pre-sell wreaths using the sales materials we provide. All payments are made directly to your group.
  • Submit your Master order to Alpine Farms online by your selected due date with 50% deposit.
  • The minimum order is 30 items. Only order what you need to fill your sales.
  • Two weeks later your order is custom packed and shipped via FedEx in large case boxes
  • Group members distribute the products and/or have a pickup day for customers.


Direct Ship Program Summary – Earn $5 per wreath 

Direct ship fundraiser wreath store

  • Out of town friends and family can still support your cause
  • Purchases are made through our secure website using your unique group code
  • Sales Period is October 1st – December 5th
  • Each item ordered valued at over $25 earns your group profit.
  • All items will ship directly to the customer or gift recipient(s) on the date they select
  • Credit from online sales is applied to your bulk order or a check is issued to your group
Corporate Gifting Program Summary – Earn $2.50 per wreath
  • Do you have friends and family with businesses? Any business you refer can now support your group through their year-end gifting.
  • Refer your business friends to Alpine Farms, When the company completes a Corporate Gifting order, your group earns.
  • All corporate gifting clients are handled with care and confidentiality. We will work directly with the business.
  • Credit from corporate gifting sales is applied to your bulk order or a check is issued to your group.


Place Order & Distribute to Customers.

Go to the fundraiser dashboard to see your order form.  LINK FOR DASHBOARD

Your Fundraiser Dashboard will show the number of Direct Ship Credits you have earned through online orders. You will see order forms and other useful information for your fundraiser.

Once your order is received, please carefully follow the instructions when unpacking and counting your order before distributing the product. We have a video and instructions for your reference in your Fundraiser Dashboard.

Rest assured, we are with you every step of the way and are always working behind the scenes to give you the best possible product and experience. Enjoy!