Alpine Farms Holiday Fundraising Program

When you partner with Alpine Farms for your holiday fundraiser, simplicity, quality, and value are what you can expect from us. This program is profitable and easy to administer. Most groups generate an average of $10.00 profit per unit sold! You will offer fresh, fragrant, sustainably harvested, handmade, Evergreen products that are popular for decorating & gift giving during the Holiday Season. These festive items are easy to sell, and are backed by our family's 65 years of experience.

Fundraising in Three Easy Steps:

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    Our information packet will explain pricing and timetables for your group based on your zip code. Request Now»

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    Register Your Group

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    Your group can participate in either, or both, of our programs:

    Our Bulk Orders program is a pre-sale. You only order what you have sold. You are not required to order full cases or pay for any product you have not sold. Learn more»

    For Direct Ship, you direct your buyers to our website to complete their own individual transactions with your group's code. Learn more»

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    Sell Wreaths & Profit

    Earning Details

    For Bulk Orders, your group will typically make approximately $10 per wreath. Learn more»

    For Direct Ship, each sale through our website generates $5 for your group. Learn more»

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We know you have many choices for a fundraising program. Learn more about us with the following links:

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"Our fundraiser was a fabulous success! The products from Alpine Farms exceeded everyone's expectations! Thank you so much for your guidance and support! I am looking forward to working with you next year!"

Amy O., Orange CA

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